A Meeting Point for Mission-Driven Employers & Skilled Refugees

We upskill qualified and motivated displaced individuals, and connect them to remote, digital work.

There are 80 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

In 2020, only 15,425 of them were resettled within the first nine months of the year.

Waiting for resettlement means waiting to seek a dignified job, waiting to generate an urgently needed livelihood.

For some, the wait can take decades.

At Open Door Policy, we believe that remote work is the key to sustainable employment.

We empower our refugee learners to pursue digital jobs through a skills training program run by global tech industry professionals and dedicated 1:1 mentoring.

Join us on our mission to connect job-ready displaced persons to digital roles that transcend borders.

By becoming an Employment Partner, companies can open the door to long-term solutions.

Typical roles that our graduates transition with partners worldwide include:

Inbound Sales QualificationCustomer SupportExecutive Administration
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